[Ansteorra-archery] a split Royal Huntsman?

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2005-2007, Gulf war CA for the northern region consisted of 6 combat archers and 3 of them didnt do target archery at all. This year there will be about 5-6 from Northkeep alone and probably 15-20 from the northern region.  heck yeah its grown.

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> In case your wondering....Eldern Hills! I haven’t met you yet Joey but look forward to it!!!
> As for the separate archery champions I agree with allot of what others have posted about it being a good idea, but I also see the negatives....I have pondering about this and it occurred to me that there probably wasn’t a Rapier Champion until it became very popular. IMO until an activity has a big following it isn’t going to be recognized, especially on the Kingdom level. Combat archery has always been so but recently....I don’t know how it was more than 8 years ago....target archery has really attracted allot of new followers.....heck we had two archery only events and each not only met the cost to put them on but made allot extra. T hats saying something right there about how it has grown.
> As for the...well if you make a target champion then what about a king dome thrown weapons one? I am not in any way putting down thrown weapons....I love throwing weapons too! But the truth is that it simply doesn’t have the following that archery does....this would also go for any of the other activities....if they don’t have a strong presence then they wont be recognized....but if they do get a huge following then of course they would probably be right where we are now and wanting to have a Kingdom Champion of their own
> Laurence
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