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You arent following what I meant.  I am NOT talking about those things.....OK here goes.  When you are enjoying everything with others.  When what you (plural) are doing that is the limelight, not what you (personal) are doing.  A target archery tournament gives ALL target archers time in the sun, not the one who wins it.  Kings Champion, Queens Champion, Royal Huntsman, this is what I am talking about.  Not about the one who wins them.
I hope this clears up what I mean by that phrase.

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> Time in the Sun... 15 minutes of fame... Whatever you want to call it, 
> I think I understand it... We should never pursue Glory, Honor, Fame or 
> Recognition just for their owns sake. But when we strive for personal 
> excellence and are recognized for it then by all means, ENJOY IT. We 
> spend so much time saying it's not about the Titles or the Sparklies 
> people end up feeling guilty about actually enjoying that time. I 
> remember with a great deal of pride being pulled aside @ GW and given my 
> Kings Archer. I busted my ass day in and day out in the Archery 
> community and I'm not even sure I knew the KAA actually existed but I'll 
> tell you, I'm damn proud of that Braid. The only thing that was better 
> than receiving it was being able to give my braid to the next one and 
> tell them about the history of the Archers who had had it before me.
> I have never set out to win a tournament or recognition but I am proud 
> of what I've accomplished, both what's been recognized and what only a 
> few people know about.
> Wilim
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