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OK this is getting old, and this old man is getting tired of all the bitching and crying. The Royal Huntsman Tourney is set live with it. Life is a "bitch and then you die". The format of the tourney has been announced if you want to shoot in it get the authorization. The date and place of the tourney has not been announced, once it is then lets see how meany of those bitching can go to it or not because of life.There is a second option for thouse that do not like the format set up win crown tourney and have it your way.



> I really dont understand why so many started jumping all over Vincenti's thread with complaints. He fulfilled his duty as the current RH asked the Prince and Princes. What thet expected from their champion and came up with a shoot. The Prince and Princess approved the shoot and then he actually posted it so that everyone would know the details far in advance so everyone who was interested would have time to prepare.
> It isnt up to the Royal Huntsman to decide....it is up to the future crown. Anyone who had ever competed for Royal Huntsman should already understand this and if this is your first time to compete then it would tell you what is expected....
> I can understand where some might not agree with having to do CA. But again....it isnt up to us....and if anyone had a complaint they should taken it to another thread on the archery list....instead of filling up the announcement for everyone to see!
> Vincenti hasnt told me that he is upset by the responces....but i sure can see where he might be....he did his job and did it well, only to have allot of complaints afterward.
> If we as the archery community have a disagreement or think that something should be changed we should kept it only on the archers list.....but you have to remember that the RH tourney is almost completely out of our hands....BUT....it is only one tourney....there are a whole bunch of Barinial events with archery....and at those they really try to come up with something that everyone at different skill levels would enjoy.
> Laurence
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