[Ansteorra-archery] We are good my friends!

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 well said Vincenti, !!

get well soon ; )

as has been stated , the rules for this rh have been posted. they aren't 
going to change.
all we can do is discuss what we see as a problem, try to come to some sort 
of agreement , and make suggestions to the crowns  for possible future 
changes ..

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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> Unfortunately, email is far from a perfect form of communication.
> It is actually good to see so much debate about what is "Royal Huntsman" 
> and what is not. This Archery list is the place for everyone to voice 
> their opinion and to say what they think it should or should not be.
> So, I harbor no ill will towards anyone on this list. I did not post 
> earlier today because I was in bed sick most of the day.
> There are several people on this list that I have butted heads with before 
> on issues but the important thing to remember is that pretty much anyone 
> that is on here is here because they WANT ARCHERY TO GROW!
> If we keep that in mind and approach problems and disagreements from that 
> knowledge they become much easier. We are on the same side of the issue or 
> debate, we only have a different perspective and way to approach it.
> With that said ...
> Let the debates continue!
> Vincenti da Murano
> Royal Huntsman, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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