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Joey xferdesk at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 09:24:39 PST 2012

With great respect to HL Gunnar,

A wonderful idea. But I see a small hiccup with two different tourneys being held simultaneously. The people that like to shoot both combat and target would be forced to miss one of the tournaments. If they were held one after the other then that would make for REALLY long day (considering how long archery tournaments usually take). And if there is chivalric going on that day as well, then maybe some CA might have to miss out due to heavy or light fighting. One day i may get into CA and if there were two archery tourneys one after another i would be really excited that i got to participate and learn that much more. But im sure there are some out there that do not share my enthusiasm and might be a little upset about being on a field for 6 hours or so, or possibly skipping a competition (if they were held simultaneously). That being said, trial and error are always a great learning tool (as long as safety comes first).

If my services are needed, i will not hesitate

Griffin Fane
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