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Oscar H. Carmichael wolfchirurgeon at home.com
Sun Feb 4 23:54:30 PST 2001

Greetings to all,

    I am attempting to make a list of all the Chirurgeons in my region (E-mail, address, ect..) so that I may be able to contact you.  My Windows crashed and I lost any information I had on everyone in Central Region that I had & the other Regional Officers of Ansteorra.  Also I need everyone in Central Region to mail me a copy of their most recent certifications for my records.  If something is coming due for rectification, still send me what you have and when you recertify send another copy of your certifications.  Also, if any Warranted Chirurgeons are interested in a Deputy position for Central Region, please let me know.  Lastly, I would like some feed back on a question that I should have addressed when I took this office, and be honest in your reply.  What do you as a Central Chirurgeon expect from me as your Regional Chirurgeon and what can I do to help you as a Chirurgeon.  E-mail me at wolfchirurgeon at home.com with your reply, I do take any feedback constructively and not a attack on me.  It's something that I believe is a builder of oneself, not something to tear my character apart.  

    Since I started Chirurgeoning, I have made it a point to assist anyone when asked to.  Events have been a hard road for me to follow since leaving the military (Miss having just about every weekend off) and starting back into E.M.S. as a E.M.T. where my schedule doesn't always allow it. But I do make any event possible.  I have started a new job with the possibility of having weekends off.  I will have to see when they release me from my orientation on what shift I will have (Which should be in the next week or two).   Anyways, please respond to my e-mail address, not the list.  Until the next time we meet.

In Service to Ansteorra and the Central Region,
Lord Robert Carmichael
Central Regional Chirurgeon

mka: Oscar H. Carmichael
2400 Henderson Drive
Apartment 928
Arlington, TX  76010
wolfchirurgeon at home.com

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