[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] I'm Back from Gulf War

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Mon Mar 18 15:19:30 PST 2002

You were fun to play with, Croaker!  I'm glad 'the usual suspects' were
there to enjoy.

We got home late Sunday night, with no problems other than my car's air
conditioner getting stubborn.

I did about 24 hours on the books.  Being 'just a Journeyman', i couldn't
help with the long shifts.  Sorry guys.  Maybe in a few years.

Next year, i'll be smart enough to completely ignore the instructions to use
the provided kits.  Goodness, what a waste of time and money!  I'll beef my
own up a bit more and haul it along.  Lamisil was popular this year!

I can't go to but one or two wars per year, so please think of me when you
march away, flags waving!

But i will be around if anyone needs help with weekend events.  I'll be
howling for back-up Chirurgeons for our Canton's event in May (hint, hint)
rather soon.

Our deepest Thanks to every one who took my daughter and me under their
wings for our first Gulf War.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, learned tons
of great stuff, and look forward to being more productive members of the
Army of Heroes next year (if i don't shoot myself with my new Ielo


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