[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] new to ansteorra

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Tue Feb 4 08:11:48 PST 2003

Get copies of your certs to me or my Deputy for Admin
along with a copy of your membership and some government
id with a picture (usually a driver's license).
If you have some sort of authorization card from
your former Kingdom, send a copy of that also.

I will issue you an authorization card from
Ansteorra and put you on the warrant roster.

For contact info, local mundane laws, and
much more look at our web site at

After I get you in the authorized database,
you will be able to access the online forms
and reports (just being installed as we

In service,
Caelin on Andrede
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra

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> hi all Chirurgeons in Ansteorra, I am new to the Kingdom and
> wanted to introduce myself. My name is THL Bronwen O'Neill
> (Angie Morrison) I am originally from Meridies and was a
> Chururgeons for that Kingdom. Need to know what I need to do
> for this Kingdom as far as qualifications goes.  I am a RN
> (ER/ICU) and have BCLS, ACLS for my job. Hope to meet many of
> you soon and will see you at Gulf Wars.
> as alway's in service,
> THL Bronwen O'Neill
> Angie Morrison
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