[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Ansteorran Chirurgeon report

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Mon Jun 16 20:32:15 PDT 2003

Here is a copy of the report I made to the Society Chirurgeon.
I am passing it on to all of you so you might see what we
normally report. There is also a more informal set of messages
that go back and forth, but this is the more formal report.

Each Chirurgeon General defines his or her own reporting
requirements and Friar Galen appears to like this
informal/formal report style (as do I).

In service,
HL Caelin on Andrede, MC
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra


> 1. Your current contact info (even if you've already given it to me so

> I can double check info). Include expiration dates for current
> Warrant, Medical Cert, CPR, and SCA Membership.

HL Caelin on Andrede
(Richard Threlkeld)
2220 Patterson Pl
Arlington, Tx  76012
(817) 265-6943
(214) 850-1558 (cell)
chirurgeon at ansteorra.org

First Aid (EMT license) - Current until May 31, 2006
CPR - Current until Dec 22, 2004
CPR Trainer until April, 2005
BLS Instructor until Dec 22, 2004
BLS Trainer until April, 2005
ACLS Provider until Feb 2005
SCA membership - Current until 28 Feb 2007
Authorizing Marshal in everything we do (including youth)
    except Rapier (only inspection marshal there)
    until Feb 10, 2005
I am taking PHTLS certification which will leave
	me with instructor or trainer status on 24 Jun 2003.

I have a single page with all my certs, membership,
driver's license, and fighter's authorization card
scanned into a TIF file. You may have a copy
if you wish.

My ER Deputy is Cynthia of Gates Edge. She is an EMT and head
of the EMS response team at Compaq. She is very good and very anal
about reports and such. But she may not want the KC job (she has
not decided whether to bid for it or not when it comes due). I have
two DKCs for special purposes: one is DKC for admin (she does
paperwork and chases down reports) and one for training (she sets up
training events all over the kingdom. She will do the training
herself or arrange it).

> 2. Names and contact info for your Principality Chirurgeons (if you
> have
> Principalities)

We have no Principalities

> 3. Names and contact info for your regional Chirurgeons (if you have
> regions)
Central Region
  Lady Adelaide de Ruthven
  (Sarah Anderson)
  6033 Kary Lynn Drive
  Watauga, TX 76148
  (817) 498-7740
  central_chirurgeon at ansteorra.org
Northern Region
  His Excellency Ainar Magnusson
  (Rick Drake)
  806 N. Grant Ave
  Sand Springs, OK  74128
  (918) 810-0821
  ainarm at cox.net
Coastal Region (and ER Deputy)
  Lady Cynthia of Gates Edge
  (Cynthia Mills)
  36131 FM 149
  Pinehurst, Texas 77362
  Phone: (281) 356-5220
  cynthia.mills at compaq.com
Southern Region
  Lord Gavin Mac Giolla Rua
  (Chris Lastovica)
  801 Cearley Rd
  Temple, Tx 76504
  (254) 791-0733
  chrisl at vvm.com
Western Region
  Sir Ritter Erasmus Totengraber
  (Ozy Adams)
  1724 Main St
  Lubbock, Tx  79401
  (806) 789-9983
  ozyadams at hotmail.com

> 4. Number of Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Master Emeritus
> Chirurgeons (only count those who have all their certs up to date.

| guild_status | count(*) |last qtr  |difference|
| Apprentice   |       18 |        7 |       11 |
| Emeritus     |        1 |        1 |        0 |
| Journeyman   |       20 |       14 |        6 |
| Master       |        5 |        3 |        2 |
|   total      |       44 |       25 |       19 |
Some of these are not new people, but people
who are now current on their certs and membership.
If you count those whose certs are out of date,
but are counted as active, the numbers are

| guild_status | count(*) |
| Apprentice   |       35 |
| Journeyman   |       23 |
| Master       |        6 |
|   total      |       64 |

We have 11 additional who have declared they cannot
continue as Chirurgeons for the time being and we
are counting them as "Inactive".

We finally got the training info online (just about
a week ago, however). It is working, but has not had
time to get well known yet. I intend to send out
Ansteorra-wide emails and use the Black Star to
get it better known. There is only one training event
listed so far, but I'll work with Gerita (DKC for training)
to get others on the list far in advance.

We have 9 instructors (not including your temp record)
and 4 trainers so far. We have several (including one
in the Western region - yea!) who are waiting for the
next instructor class. And HE Ainar is waiting to teach
one more instructor class to be a Trainer.

Finally, I have at least 4 Journeymen who currently
have expired certs that have declared they will be
at the July Roundtable for first aid/CPR class we are
doing parallel to the various Kingdom and Regional
officer meetings. One Master is waiting for to heal
from surgery before recerting. We hope to get a few
more Apprentices through that class also.

> 5. Number of events held in the Kingdom during the quarter

Calendar events in the quarter: 24

> 6. Number of events with Chirurgeon representation during the quarter

It looks like 12 of them had Chirurgeons working. There were
perhaps others, but (1) Chirurgeons are not required so I
cannot tell how many had Chirurgeons and (2) most of the
ones not counted are very small events. I'm still trying to
get the Regionals to contact the Autocrats where there is not
a CIC report to see if there is a CIC. They should actually
be contacting them *before* the event to see if we can help
them arrange for a CIC if they do not have one.

> 7. Any significant injuries (meaning, significant to the Board:
> deaths, permanent disability, something that you have rumor that might

> be brought as a lawsuit, something that represents a major deficit in
> armor standards or practices, etc.)

We had one serious issue at Steppes Warlord. The CIC worked the case.
>From the incident report, "Diabetic Shock - EMS took an initial
reading of 45 after the OJ had been given her." You can look online
to see the full report or I can summarize it for you.

No rumors of complaints with any part of the SCA here.

> 8. Any interesting things happening in the Chirurgeonate: Collegiums,
> training sessions,  awards, advancements, etc.

The new forms are all in place and now training has been added. We have
offered several training events this year for both Providers and
instructors/trainers. Our biggest problem is now publicizing them
well enough.

BTW, the CIC who did the Diabetic incident wanted a full set of
options for the "Serious" category. In particular, he wanted

> 9. Any issues in the Kingdom that you wish to put forward to either me

> or the Board.


> I'm trying to do some epidemiology, so I encourage collecting info on
> the number of attendees at events (fighters and total gate). This lets

> me do a calculation of injury rates. This info is on my updated event
> report forms.

| event_name                             | attendance | heavy_fighters |
rapier fighters |
| Guardian of the Tor XII                |        190 |             15 |
6 |
| Guardian of the Gauntlet               |        115 |              0 |
47 |
| Elfsea Springfaire                     |        182 |             25 |
20 |
| Wasteland's Games                      |        130 |             16 |
8 |
| Crown Tournament                       |        416 |             30 |
0 |
| Bordermarch Baronial Champion          |        136 |             32 |
18 |
| Loch Guardian                          |        302 |             46 |
21 |
| Steppes Warlord                        |        900 |            125 |
0 |
| Castellan                              |        220 |             30 |
15 |
| Festival of Japan                      |          0 |              0 |
0 |
| Knowne World Dance and Music Symposium |          0 |              0 |
0 |
| King's College                         |        200 |              0 |
0 |

The two with attendance of zero, I don't yet know the numbers. Both will
be attendance
only as they had no fighting. Also we have additional events this month,
but they have not
been done yet (I have assumed thoughout that this is a real quarter -
i.e. 4/2003 through

> In Service to Physick and Chirurgy,
> Galen

In service,
HL Caelin on Andrede, MC
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra

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