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Wed Jul 14 17:39:02 PDT 2004

I speak as the one nominally in charge of the Cloak project.  I've seen
several pleas around for the names of those who helped with various
projects, and I'd like to add mine, please.
Mistress Rosalia, who ran all over creation looking for affordable
lovely fabric (that blue is just amazing).  And then dug me out of a
hole on a weeknight when she should have been getting ready to leave.
HL Amalia, who allowed me to camp at her house for many days to avoid
the distractions that had so far kept me from good progress on those
Lady Servita, who sewed and sewed and sewed on Friday.  And lent me her
wisdom when things got tangled up.
Lady Katerin, who also sewed and sewed.  And dragged me off to Walmart
for a break I truly needed.
Lady Godisa, who added sewing to her already over-full schedule, and
kept us laughing as she did.
Sueko-san, who put up with weeks of sketchy meals and hassles while I
designed and shopped and hoped. And participated in the hijacking to
Wal-Mart (she Claimed she needed ingredients for Friday's dinner).
Lord David, who dealt with my 'artist's personality', which translates
into a messy house, not his favorite meals, and getting his head snapped
off, in amongst hauling cloaks and equipment all over the place.
Lady Maya, who made 14 beautiful beaded Ansteorran Stars to sew on over
our hearts.  Bless that woman, they are beautiful.
Lord Arkell, who trusted me to create 13 matched cloaks without telling
anyone til the last second.
Lady Gerita del Mare
The years that a woman subtracts from her age are not lost.  They are
added to the ages of other women.  -- Diane de Poitiers (1499 - 1566)
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