[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] answering some ?s about theChirurgeonate/WBIron Siege Cook-Off At Elfsea Defender XXVI

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Yes I have it both a hard copy and stored online. 

Gerita/Carolle Cox <hpockets at verizon.net> wrote:
Is someone keeping an orderly listing of these decisions?? If not, the contest will be a mess, methinks!  Spice blends and THREE stoves?  LOL
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Subject: [Ansteorra-chirurgeon] answering some ?s about theChirurgeonate/WBIron Siege Cook-Off At Elfsea Defender XXVI

Some good ?s have been asked and here are the answers.

>Tim Rayburn <trayburn at gmail.com> wrote:
>Couple of questions regarding what can and cannot be brought:

>1) In the broad category of liquids, you do not list any liquids
>(vinegar, soy sauce, cream, milk, water, almond milk, etc) or solid
>fats such as butter or lard on your ingredients at all. What can be
>brought, and how much?
Liquids will be unlimited for water, milk, cream ect.. 
Vinegar & Soy sauce (and for those that do know, yes soy sauce is period for some cultures) counts as a spice so you are limited to one bottle of any kind and it counts against the 3 your team is allowed to bring. 

>2) You do not list Eggs, the universal medieval leavening agent. No eggs? 
I will make the ruling and provide it ourselfs up to 3 eggs per team. Eggs up to a doz may or may not be in one or more types of boxes. And we will allow you to subsitute one doz eggs for either the fruit/vegi or root vegi that the team is allowed.

>3) Sweetners such as sugar, honey, Seamus' sweat?
Seamus' sweat has to be limited to just a few drops as it is listed as a hazardous matieral by the US Government & the UN. Honey & sugar may or may not be in the boxes (my guess is some from of period sweetner will be, and this comes from a very relieable source).
>4) Where would yeast fall into things if we wanted to do bread or the like.
We will allow unlimited yeast to be brought and it will not count against you.
>5) Are any modern tools allowed at all? Obviously spatulas are ok ...
>what about Kitchen Aid food processors?
Any equipment as long it is non-electrical. The cooking will be down outside & under a tent.

>6) If we wanted to provide feast gear (other than paper plates) could we?

>7) If we bring three stoves with two burners a piece can we simply
>agree never to have more than one burner running on each just to get
>us distance between them? If yes, can we swap which three those are
>at any moment?

As long no more then 3 burners &/or grills are in use at anyone time. If you turn off one you can turn on another (in that order).
>8) What about items such as chocolate or the like?
It falls under the list of stuff that may or may not be in the box and you will get that list the TUE before the event.

>9) Would a spice blend (custom or commercial) count as 1 or more than 1 spice?
We would count it per spice/herb in the blend (except for slat & pepper which we are going to provide. blend has 4 spices/herbs and one is salt then it will count as 3 items.

Scullery Maid of the Seamus/Gunther team

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:24:02 -0700 (PDT), richard hall
> Chirurgeonate/WB Iron Siege Cook-Off At Elfsea Defender XXVI
> Greetings Good Gentles of our Stellar Kingdom,
> Come one come all and claim the title of Ansteorran Chirurgeonate & Water Bearers Guild Siege Chef Extraordinaire at Elfsea Defender XXVI.
> We of the Chirurgeonate & Water Bearers Guild do send our warmest wishes for a wonderful Defender this year. We would like to help in this endeavor by hosting a Iron/Siege Cook-Off at 0900-1200 on Saturday Morning of the event (Date 25 SEP 04 times 0900-1200 hours)
> It is open to all of the populace. Teams ! can be from Branches or households or just 3 friends who like to cook. Weather you have done a feast or not. If you just want to have fun &/or be challenged with cooking.
> The outcome of the cooking will become the Royal/Noble & Wedding Luncheon (for THL Caelin on Andrede & Cear Megan also known as Pyro, who are to be married later that evening) for Elfsea Defender.
> Contest/List Master: THL Caelin on Andrede
> Judges are as follows:
> Her RM Sibri
> Duchess Conal
> Lady Servita
> Lady Kandyce
> Lady Gerita
> Lady Aislyn Glynwyrd Fen
> The Scenario:
> You have been besieged for two months in your manor/castle. And your supplies are getting very low. Your fearless leader has decided to invite the opposition leader and two of his companions to parley. You must stretch your cooking skills to the limit to giv! e the impression you have lots of food left and can hold out for as long as necessary.
> Team size will be 3 people, with one listed as team captain/head chef.
> Pre-registration Required! Registration fee is ?? with name of team and contact information for the designated team captain/head chef.
> Each team gets a box containing the same basic ingredients-total weight approx. 7 lbs. There will be 3 different boxes. Each box will contain 3 1/2 lbs. of meat, 1 lb. of fruit, 1 lb. of vegetables, 1 lb. of rice or cos cos or legumes of some type, ect�, � lb. flour, and some salt, pepper, garlic & minced onion & a surprise herb or spice. Then, each group may add, but this is optional-your team does not have to add any of it, or may just add one of the following items or a few or all, to their box: a maximum of 3 fresh herbs/spices (unlimited), maximum of 3 dried herbs &/or spices (limited to 1/2 ounce each), one fresh fruit OR above-ground vegetable - limit 1 lb., & one root vegetable - limit 2 lbs. The morning of the event you will draw# to see which type of box you get.
> You will receive the list of ingredients for all 3 types of boxes NLT then the TUE evening before the event if your registration fee has been paid which will not exceed $10 per team to cover the cost of the food, but we (thanks to Caelin�s connections)hope to get it down under $10. Teams should pre-register by one week before the event with fee to be collected the morning of the cook off if not sent in sooner (we are still working this out a little).
> We will bring charcoal/wood for the grills and some limited amount of propane in 2 different sizes of tanks. Any needed propane to be brought by the teams. Teams will bring camp stoves &/ or grills to the event for their use. The total allowed is not to exceed 3 cooking items, i.e. 1 grill and 2 burners, 3 burners, 2 grills & 1 burner ! or 3 grills or even an oven. It is up to the team (we will have a limited # of loaner stuff & if needed please try and contact us prior to the event so we can bring what you may need). The teams must provide they own cookware (we will have a limited # of loaner stuff & if needed please try and contact us prior to the event so we can bring what you may need).
> If you are participating - you may start setting up your kitchen earlier than 0900. We will have a brief meeting of the team leaders at 0800 to pick boxes and start allowing for set-up. Cooking will begin at 0900.
> Cooks can bring their cookbooks. And alcohol can be brought and counted as a spice if used in the cooking, or used to go with the meal.
> Feast gear to be provided by us (sorry will not be anything fancy, just paper) . We will provide lemon water for the judges to clear their taste buds.
> No minimums or limits on number of dishes accept that o! f the amount of the food provided.
> Criteria judged by:
> Up to 100 points Total (possible 110 with bonus points)
> Up to 20 points if they can show to the medieval recipe used as the source for each dish
> Up to 10 points for limiting it to a single time period and country.
> Up to 10 points for presentation.
> Up to 10 points for judges discretion
> Up to 50 points for flavor/texture/appearance/aroma/ (up to 12.5 points for each sense)
> Up to 10 bonus points (2 point per spice/herb up to 5 max for 10 points) for using fresh herbs/spices that are native to our Kingdom (your herbs must be store-bought or homegrown ie: not harvested/picked onsite). List is from Herb Society of America
> comino (cumin), Chile peppers, Paprika.
> BASIL Ocimum basilicum, BAY Laurus nobilis , CHERVIL Anthriscus cerefolium,
> CHIVES, ONIO! N Allium schoenoprasum, CHIVES, GARLIC Allium tuberosum CORIANDER/CILANTRO Coriandrum sativum, DILL Anethum graveolens ,
> FENNEL Foeniculum vulgare, GINGER Zingiber officinalis,
> LEMON BALM Melissa officinalis LEMON VERBENA Aloysia triphylla,
> LEMONGRASS Cymbopogon citrates, MINT MARIGOLD Tagetes lucida,
> OREGANO Poliomintha longiflora, OREGANO Origanum vulgare
> PARSLEY Petroselinium crispu, ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis, SAGE Salvia officinalis SALAD BURNET Poterium sanguisorba, SORREL Rumex acetosa,
> SWEET MARJORAM Origanum majorana, THYME Thymus vulgaris,
> Spearmint Mentha spicata, Peppermint M. x piperita,
> Orange or Bergamot mint M. x piperita var. citrate, Pineapple mint M. suaveolens 'Variegata', Red Stemmed Apple mint M. x gracilis, Pennyroyal M. pulegium
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