[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Who's Where?

Crandall crandall at elfsea.net
Mon Mar 29 16:02:41 PST 2004

I will be at Springfaire, But until my hours get better, I cannot guarantee anything else. 
I will be competing for King of Fooles. 
I am interviewing and hoping. 


>Here's what I have for which Chirurgeon will be where this spring. I
>will Not be at Collegium - that's the weekend my son graduates from
>college.  Sorry, all!
>April 2-4 North Sea Raids (Caley)
>April 9-11 Elfsea Spring Fair (Gerita)
>+ Caelin
>April 16-18 Stargate Baronial (Caley)
>+ possibly Caelin
>April 30-2 Crown tournment (Caley and maybe Gerita)
>+ Caelin
>May 7-9 Loch Sollier Baronial
>          Lindenwood Cattle Wars (Gerita, Anne, Bren'nain)
>May 28-31 Steppes Warlord  (Caley, Gerita, Anne, Bren'nain,
>June 11-13 Winter Colligium (Caley)
>+ Caelin
>June 25-27 Academy of the bow (Caley)
>July 9-11 AAA (Caley, Gerita, Arkell, Caelin,)
>In Service,

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