[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Westgate Winter Collegium

Gerita/Carolle Cox hpockets at verizon.net
Sun Jan 23 08:08:08 PST 2005

Greetings, all!!
We had a blast at Red Tape.  Glad to see so many Chirurgeons at such a
'dry' event, taking so many classes that had Not One Thing to do with
chirurgeoning!  We did manage to shepherd two candidates through First
Aid/CPR (both toting application forms they hoped we'd accept on the
spot), and one through CPR.   The site was lovely, and the lunch buffet
tasty.  We nearly swamped Carrabbas afterwards, but I heard that
Pappacita's was suffering the same onslaught by more of the meeting's
attendees.  What else can I say?
I'll be at Westgate Winter Collegium next weekend, offering Chirurgeon
101/Vital Signs (as needed) and Waterbearer classes if needed as well.
If you're in the area and free just before and after lunch, c'mon in!
Bring a friend! I'll have Apprentice Waterbearer baldrics for sale at $5
each (unless the KWB changes that).
Update on Education:
The outlines have been written for Chirurgeon 101, Vital Signs, and
Chirurgeon in Charge.  My next desire is to see that ALL Regional
Chirurgeons are trained to teach these classes, and then set them free
to teach in their Regions as the classes are needed.  Naturally, the
rest of the instructors will be there to back-up where desired, and
we'll continue to offer First Aid and CPR through the Deputy Kingdom
Chirurgeon/Training's office.  One word on that, while you're eyes are
just scanning: PLEASE advise me As Soon As You Are Aware of the need for
a FA/CPR class in your region!  It can take several weeks to arrange for
instructors, equipment, space, crash space, etc. to move the brigade out
of it's usual homes.  We are willing to go to All regions - just let us
know of a need in yours, eh?
Back to your regularly scheduled programming.......
gerita del mare
DK/Training for One More Year.......
DFWchinlovers at yahoogroups.com
www.japanesechinrescue.org <http://www.japanesechinrescue.org/> 
The years that a woman subtracts from her age are not lost.  They are
added to the ages of other women.  -- Diane de Poitiers (1499 - 1566)
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