[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Steppes Warlord

Donna S. Mallory, CPA DSMallory at waymark.net
Tue May 3 09:24:06 PDT 2005

Hear ye, hear ye!

The Barony of the Steppes will be hosting Steppes Warlord on May 27-30,
2005.  Many good gentles and mighty warriors travel to this illustrious
event.  We are in need of the assistance of the chiurgeonate in attending to
the participants in heavy, rapier, archery, equestrian and various other
scheduled activities.

Please let me know if you will be attending Steppes Warlord and what, if
any, your availability will be to serve the Chiurgeonate at this event.


Ly Anne the Spinster
Baronial Chiurgeon and CIC

dsmallory at waymark.net
home 972-235-4824
work 972-238-1450

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