[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Possible recert next weekend

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Sun May 15 13:58:41 PDT 2005

I have put a new training event on the www.chirurgeon.net web site. It is a
recert only. There will be no real training. The videos will be shown,
written tests taken, and skills tested. You may ask questions between the
videos and tests. 
The courses will be CPR-PRO (the first level professional CPR course) which
includes BVMs and the use of O2 and BLS first aid.
If you would like to try recertifying with the ASHI courses above, go to the
web site, choose the training tab, choose the event, and then Register. This
course is limited to a small class.
In service
Caelin on Andrede
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