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Mills, Cynthia Cynthia.Mills at hp.com
Mon Nov 7 06:44:50 PST 2005

I am planning on attending this event but will day trip on Saturday,
Nov. 19th.  I can CiC on Saturday if need be or just help.



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i am forwarding this request out to the Chirurgeon List and some of the
regionals who may be able to help me find you a CiC. I did get your
Phone call and will let you know as soon as I have a CiC for you.


Herr Arkell

Phocas of Bordermarch <phocas at bordermarch.org> wrote:


	I, Lord Phocas of Bordermarch, have stepped up to be this years
Event Steward for Autumn Melees.  I am in need of a Chirurgeon-In-Charge
for Autumn Melees. Melees this year is the 17-20 of November.
Bordermarch will need Chirurgeons for the Melees Battles and activities
on the 18th and 19th.   Bordermarch has a Chirurgeon in training in our
group, but she (Asatriona inghean Padraig) does not yet have the
experience to head up Chirurgeons duties, though I am aware that she
plans to be a big help to the Chirurgeons at Autumn Melees including
furthering her learning and understanding of the duties and
responsibilities of a CIC.


	   I am in need of someone to Coordinate and also assist in
recruiting needed Chirurgeons.  The CIC/Coordinator of Chirurgeons would
be lavished with the praise, appreciation and gratitude of all from
Bordermarch as well as getting a custom made coordinators token.   In my
2 years of being in the SCA, and learning much about many areas our
Society, I am well aware of the great importance of having quality
Chirurgeons on site.  Regrettably, I have little knowledge of what is
needed or required. I am very open to learning and helping in what ever
way I can.


	  Would you be interested in being our CIC for this spectacular
event, or could you recommend someone to me?


	In Service,

	Lord Phocas of Bordermarch, OSTB

	Bordermarch Autumn Melees Event Steward




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