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Hello all!
Since Ms. Cady's letter has raised more legal questions than I can answer
with any semblance of intelligence, not being a lawyer myself, I sent it off
to Brocc to see what his opinion on her letter is.  I asked him a number of
the questions you all posed on the list or by phone, and a few more of my
own.  I'm hoping to hear fairly soon from him unless he's swamped in
court--he's very good about replying.  Policies don't go into effect, unless
there's some emergency ruling (which I don't believe this is), until a. I
write it up because the SC/CG writes policies for the Chirurgeonate as part
of this job, and b. the BoD approves it.  In this case, we'll have the added
layer of having to get Legal's approval since so much of this would have
legal ramifications.  It took us 3 years to just revise the handbook, so
none of this policy can get done overnight, particularly the 'what items can
we have/not have in Chirurgeons' point as first aid items' bec! ! ause that
varies widely from country to country--Legal probably has to check that kind
of stuff out in all the countries in which we function.  I don't want to
write policy that's legal in the US but not in Canada, for instance.  
I appreciate all your comments and concerns on this, since this is the most
challenging thing I've ever faced in this office.  
Thanks, Eleanor
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