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Rosalia di Bellavita mistressrosalia at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 9 19:14:57 PST 2005

Greetings unto the Ansteorran Chirurgeonate.

I have read the posts about the hot topic of discussion regarding roles and responsibilities along with name changes for the chirurgeonate.  I understand that this is a very heated topic that has many persons hairs standing on end.  I, also, understand where each person is coming from and the reasons behind the proposed changes.

We are all people who care, very passionately, about what we do.  We have made the concious decision to learn, teach, and care for those people we call family in the SCA.  Many of us take our training outside of the SCA and practically apply it in our everyday lives.  I applaud each of you for the service that you give and for caring that much.  It is not an easy task and not for the faint of heart.

However, stepping aside from my roles and responsibilities in the SCA, mundanly I am a Health and Safety Coordinator for a Fortune 50 Corporation.  The decision to bring in AED's and Oxygen is one that has be of great debate within our corporation, this year.   My company's legal department chose to not allow AED's in our place of business because we are a private company and are not public.  Public in the sense of being an airport or shopping mall.  The law is much different for a private sector than it is for the public sector.  Because of the liability and legal ramifications, we chose not to have AED's on site at our place of business.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for the benefits of AED's.  Just wanting to give you some insight of what might be going on.

The important thing to remember is that we don't all see what is going on.  From the postings I have read, the impression I am getting is that we will get more information as it becomes available.  Remember what is important - that we are there to take care of people so that they can continue to play and interact in this game that we all dearly love.  

In service,
Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita, OP
Journeyman Chirurgeon
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