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If you want to see a little of what I'm up to, go to
www.chirurgeon.net/perl/admin_sectoken.pm then push any of the tabs. All the
top level pages work. The sectoken and position detail pages work, but the
others are still in the works. All the database tables are in place and
working. Next detail is groups. 
I'll have to add you to the person table (it is a different database than
the chirurgeon database currently - but after this all works, I'm
integrating the pieces.
I expect the "online" area will change to this format (that is a set of tabs
and grids of data with hotlinks). All the accesses will be by security
tokens instead of by admin levels. This allows an arbitrary level of
granularity. I can say JoeBob can change the third column from the right on
report 3 and so can all KCs without giving JoeBob access to all the other
things the KCs can access.


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This sounds great!!
Can we get reports by birthdate? Or am I just confused again?
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For those of you who use the reports tab, I have made a small change as part
of a major (really major) rewrite that is going on. The change is on the
certs report. You can now click on the SCA Name column heading and get the
report sorted by SCA name only. If you don't click on anything or click on
the Kingdom column head, it is sorted by Kingdom, Principality, Region, and
then SCA Name.
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