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To All
  As for staff the final list is up to Caelin but the early-on family is whoever is traveling with you as per last year. They pay full price but come on early and are expected to help at few hours on Sunday with final prep or on Monday morning getting everybody else on. And we need 20 people registered by 1 JAN with the Camping with section stating Chirurgeon to have land.

  If anyone would like to camp with the chirurgeonate please sign up when you register for GW and also drop me a line if you can so I know the #s and whom to expect.
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  As far as Gulf War, David plans to travel with us this year, so I'd be grateful to get an early-on slot.  I'll work - that much I promise.  If we need a training schedule this year, I'll help with it - I actually enjoy teaching FA/CPR, as long as I can be COD for at least one battle.  I, too, will be going a little easier this year.  With the collapse I had at the Chirurgeon Party (imagine the Nerve!) last year, I want to be able to pace myself a little so it doesn't happen again.  A warmer cloak will certainly help...
  Arkell - what's news on a Chirurgeon camping area?  With David along, I'll have to camp wherever we can get reliable electricity so his CPAP doesn't throw fits.
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       Well to be honest my internet at the house has been sparce at best. The apartment complex I live in is contracted to grande com communications and needless to say, they bite.
  My work computer can not let me get into your site because it is password protected, our system administrator states some hospital policy whenever I ask about it.
  So in the future, I will try to at least put up a training site and will attempt to update as my schedule as time allows me.  I have worked over 64 hours in Harlingen this week where I do not even have hospital based computer access as well as 16 hours in corpus at the main driscoll hospital. Last weekend I was CICing Autumn Melees for 4 days. I was working Tues - 16 hrs, Thanksgiving- 30 hours and this weekend. Harlingen - 34 hours, where I am right now.
  So needless to say I think maybe ya'll should start looking for a more accessible training DKC or I need to appoint a deputy to the deputy real soon. I gotta tell you, pretty soon RN classes and full time Driscoll is going to take me way out of the SCA loop of things completely.
  I will do any training I can but quite frankly I need a secretary. I can not convince Gavin to be my secretary he is in EMT - B class 3 nights a week. I am swamped at work and I am swamped in the SCA. The second weekend in December, I will be at Stargate Yule teaching a full course and then on Sunday I am CICing the Seawinds Demo Ingleside Ren- Faire. 
  I have been asked to help the Loch next weekend because our fine coastal regional is not assisting them in any way shape or form by ignoring emails. I feel like I am doing double duty here as your training deputy / part-time coastal regional chirurgeon... not by choice.
  So I'll tell you what, give me until Febuary. If I can't make it any better I will gladly step down as DKC at that time because ..... I am not making it.
  Caelin, if you want to find another point director for GW XV I will not be offended. I will gladly hold the chirurgeon party but by gulf wars I am going to need a serious break from work.  Do not expect me to work 64 + hours like last year. I will go in early as Gavin's family and you can give my early on position to someone that can better dedicate their time to the chirurgeon point job of finding affordable supplies, hauling those supplies to GW, accounting supplies at site, accounting for first aid bag boxes / bags, re-stocking those supplies, convincing fellow chirugeons to sign up for shifts,  checking in daily ( sometimes hourly ) to fill chirurgeon spots and take inventory, doing the nightly posting on the chirurgeon assisgnment dry erase board for the coming day and last but not least re-loading the tubs ( without perishables) and hauling them to the storage shed.
  I will gladly teach just the chirurgeon classes and plan the known world chirurgeon party, but I will take a class this year, see the heralds, and have the energy to go English court dancing at least one night. 
  You have now witness chirurgeon burn out. Sick of the politics and feeling of all good efforts being abused. Try to avoid this happening in others will you.
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  .AOLPlainTextBody {   FONT-SIZE: 12px; MARGIN: 0px; COLOR: #000; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff  }  .AOLPlainTextBody PRE {   FONT-SIZE: 9pt  }  .AOLInlineAttachment {   MARGIN: 10px  }  .AOLAttachmentHeader {   BACKGROUND: #f9f9f9; BORDER-BOTTOM: #e9eaeb 2px solid  }  .AOLAttachmentHeader .Title {   PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; BACKGROUND: #e9eaeb; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px; FONT: bold 11px Tahoma; COLOR: #666666; PADDING-TOP: 3px  }  .AOLAttachmentHeader .FieldLabel {   PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 9px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px; FONT: bold 11px Tahoma; COLOR: #666666; PADDING-TOP: 1px  }  .AOLAttachmentHeader .FieldValue {   FONT: 11px Tahoma; COLOR: #333333  }        I found many other problems with the existing postings. I suspect they were put up before the locations were available (I hope that is the case), but they did not have map references, street addresses, or zip codes. I fixed them all. When you create an entry where we
 are teaching at an event, go to the event, get the address, put it into your favorite mapping software (Yahoo, Mapquest, Google, etc) and put a reference in the appropriate slot. Fill in the street, city, state, and zipcode fields appropriately. If your students cannot find your class, they will not appear. 
  Watch out for things like StarGate Yule 2005's map. It was taken from Google and is hosted from the StarGate site. This is against SCA policy. Even if it was not, it is a disservice to your students as they only get the one view of the map. If you reference the source site, they can zoom in and out and move around as then need to find landmarks they know. 
  If you don't have information, go ahead and dummy it up, but please remember to go back periodically and check to see if the information is available. The Stargate class, for instance, is only about a week away and the data has been available for some time.
  Please remember to put in "Software Innovation" into the Vendor area when it is appropriate. I just added it to two entries. Training in SCA things for and by the SCA may have a blank Vendor area. All others should have a vendor. It might be "San Antonio ARC Chapter" or such, but there should be a vendor.
  Richard Threlkeld
  Software Innovation


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