[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Pennsic and other rumors

Sue Delk ladydds at verizon.net
Mon Aug 14 09:23:07 PDT 2006

Greeting fellow Chirurgeons,

    I am sure that by now many of you have heard all kinds of rumors from and about Pennsic.  Let me tell you what I know currently as heard directly from the Society Chirurgeon.
1.  The Mayor (autocrat) of Pennsic, with the blessing of the Society Seneschal, shut down chirurgeon's point at midnight Saturday night.  The chirurgeons have been told to stand down and are not allowed to wear the insignia (ie baldrics) or work as chirurgeons for the duration of the event.  There is an EMS crew that will be providing all care for the remainder of the event.
2. We have NOT been told to stop being chirurgeons at anything or any event other than Pennsic.  Keep doing the good job that you all do until told otherwise--that's an order!  ;-)
3.  There are rumors flying EVERYWHERE.  I will keep you informed of situations as I hear them from DAME ELEANOR, not from what the SCA-Chirurgeon list says or from gossip.  Please do not add to the gossip if at all possible.  If you have questions, please contact me, not the SC, and definitely not the BoD.  I will keep all of you informed as much as I know.

    Please, chirurgeons, keep calm and vigilant.  Until the SC or the BoD tells me otherwise, all of you are still warranted and can work at any event of your choosing (other than Pennsic) per the Society and Kingdom Law. 

     Please contact me privately at ladydds at verizon.net, chirurgeon at ansteorra.org, or phone me at home 325-792-1176  and I will answer what questions I can.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,
HL Genevieve del Gamba
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