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Fri Dec 1 15:35:54 PST 2006


  I am relieved that the report is done and the info is in. The reality is there will always be things we won't know. My thanks to the BOD and all involved for their hard work on this. In looking at the listed incidents and the effects on all of us, I take away this:
  a.. Communication and teamwork between all the staff at an event is essential and will make or break you
  b.. How we as a group of people in the SCA communicate with outsiders such as EMS is also essential
  c.. I need to remember what I don't know about my fellow SCA's role
  d.. Knee jerk reactions happen, I can moan about this or get on with improving my life and my fun
  e.. I represent the chirurgeonate in all of my dealings
  f.. Document, Document, Document
  g.. If I was unclear for the reason to have CIT's prior, it is now crystal clear that this is an essental learning period for protocals, procedures, documentation etc.
  h.. I need always to remember my reason for playing: I love it. I am a chirurgeon because medical is part of who I am, and I am unable to not provide care if I am there and able. 
  i.. I think that a more simplified documentation/report form should be developed and used.. 
I love the SCA and no matter what kingdom I play in, the basics hold true...have fun, be safe, and love your chirurgeon

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