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Susan Delk ladydds at verizon.net
Mon Dec 18 19:28:10 PST 2006

Greetings, Chirurgeons of Ansteorra,

    HL Gerita asked me to post this announcement to the list.  Tomorrow morning, Gerita is having surgery.  It is not something that is immediately life threatening, and she has known for several months that this surgery would happen. Still, it is a major surgery that was not considered elective.  I do not have her permission to divulge details, but what she does want is for all of her friends to channel good thoughts and prayers to her and her family tomorrow.  She, of course, is very scared and nervous about the whole procedure, and I know she would love to hear good messages from her friends in the next few weeks as she recovers.  She asks that you please do not call, as her husband David and her family are as anxious as her and cannot handle the extra phone calls right now.  I am one of her points of contacts after the surgery, and I will be posting an update when I hear one from David.  Please send her messages either on this list or to her private email at hpockets at verizon.net and I'm sure David or her daughter Lisa will read them to her.  
    Again, please keep our Gerita in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.  I will post as soon as I hear anything.

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