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Can't come, my event millage will reach its all time high going to Red Tape from Seawinds. Wonder if I will get a huzaah for farthest person to ever travel to a northern event? No one from down here has ever traveled that far. Gulf wars site is closer.Hope I don't get a nose bleed.
I remind you to put up the the event in the database and make sure all those there get credit for being a part of the team.
good Luck!
Lady Caley
DKC - training
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Greetings from Crandall, Olde Foole and Fleam, 
Again I have proven that Olde Foole applies, as I have been chosen from the many applicants to be the CIC of Queen's. In other words the Steward contacted me and I said I could do it. 
However, I cannot do it alone. Which other Chirurgeons are coming to Queen's? 
I have two possible apprentices bringing paperwork, and I need Those In Power to be there to make sure that they are doing it right. One is from Steppes, and the other from Emerald Keep. Hoping that there are no injuries, they need to start the "procedures". 
Plus one has expired certs, so we need to arrange a class. Caelin? 
It will be easy to find me, I will be wearing a baldric, (What, Crandall has a baldric?) and I am on Crown Entourage, so I will have my chair somewhere near Our Queen. 
&nb! sp;
Crandall, Olde Foolish Fleam 
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