[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Fw: Proof read...

PBW PBW_RN at ev1.net
Mon Jul 17 05:10:28 PDT 2006

 Ok, so the rumor mill doesn't run rampant let me put this on the Chirurgeon 
list so everyone knows the real scoop. These are questions that have been
 posed to me so here are the answers for everyone:

 1. Are you taking a leave of absence or leaving the SCA?
 Yes. I am taking a short hiatus from the SCA which means of course a LOA 
from  being a Chirurgeon.
 2  Are you leaving or taking a LOA because of someone or something?
 No. I am not upset, mad, irked or whatever at anyone or anything within the 
SCA or the Chirurgeonate that made me come to this decision.
 3. Is someone sick?
 Yes, sort of. I am taking the hiatus due to family issues (a death in my 
family recently, and the hospitalization of another family member whom I am
 4. Is Dana (or Caerell, or Connall or...) sick?
 No. The family issues are *not* in relation to Dana Mac an Ghabhann or any 
of the Mac crew. Remember, I have a mundane family on both my own paternal
 and maternal side. The Mac's are my in-laws.<grin>

 There ya have it folks.  I will be back in full swing when life allows me 
to (a)  be least a semi-active SCAdian again and (b) to renew my SCA 
membership (this feels weird... first time in over 11 years I haven't had a 
paid SCA  membership!). I am not leaving any lists so that I can keep up 
with any changes as they occur so that when I am able to come back I wont be 
feeling to left behind.

 Lady Magdalia Mac an Ghabhann
 MKA Paulette "Pookie" Bowker-Wallis
 Journeyman Chirurgeon on Hiatus

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