[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Incident at Steppes Warlord

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Wed Jun 7 07:13:36 PDT 2006

Ah, Come on, folks: fess up!  Not only does Alastair need this data for His
report, but the KC and I need it too.  Play nice now, and give up the

Also, a training moment, although that's not my area now:  Any time Anyone
leaves the site for medical attention the CIC must be notified, preferably
Before they leave.  Actually, when there's time, the CIC should be the one
calling the ambulance and setting up a minion to lead it to the victim, so
he's really got to know.

Returning you to your regularly scheduled events, now.


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I am resending this once more to try and see if anyone knows about this
incident.  While I am loathe to post any specfics, I will go ahead and say
it is in regards to the person who had to go get a tetnus shot Sunday


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>  It has come to my attention that a fellow chirurgeon had to make a 
> trip to the ER Sunday evening at Steppes Warlord.  Could this person or
someone whos knows about this please contact me in private off the list.
>  Thanks,
>  Alasdair
>  CIC Steppes Warlord XXXIII
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