[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Re[7]: The greatest science in the world. In heaven and on earth. Is love

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coat, his scant, curly hair, his questioning blue eyes that were
so terrible to Kitty at first, and his painful attempts to seem
hearty and lively in her presence.  She recalled the efforts she
had made at first to overcome the repugnance she felt for him, as
for all consumptive people, and the pains it had cost her to
think of things to say to him.  She recalled the timid, softened
look with which he gazed at her, and the strange feeling of
compassion and awkwardness, and later of a sense of her own
goodness, which she had felt at it.  How nice it all was!  But
all that was at first.  Now, a few days ago, everything was
suddenly spoiled.  Anna Pavlovna had met Kitty with affected
cordiality, and had kept continual watch on her and on her
Could that touching pleasure he showed when she came near be the
cause of Anna Pavlovna's coolness?
"Yes," she mused, "there was something unnatural about Anna
Pavlovna, and utterly unlike her good nature, when she said
angrily the day before yesterday: 'There, he will keep waiting

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