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Forward from my Thunder list:


As Duchess Mayhem wrote:
>Be Kind to the Caidian brothers that may attend. They Lost one of their
>own at Estrella this year. Fresh off the field after battle he succumbed to
>either a heart attack or stroke. His Wife by his side.
>Their army took the field the next day using his name as a war cry. It
>was very moving.

As someone who was working at Chirurgeon's point when that call came in
during the battle, the Chirurgeonate does not actually know WHAT killed
the good gentle from Starkhavn - the coroner's report was not in by the
time Estrella ended, and in all cases, the SCA wouldn't be told unless the
next of kin decided that it was something we should know.

It was a blessing that our EMT squad (mundane paramedics) were a few
hundred metres away from him when he collapsed: he got the best care he
could have had short of collapsing INSIDE a hospital (which happened to
the late mother of an old friend of mine). What the EMTs offered on the
field was the best advanced care he could have hoped for. It was to all
our sorrow that it was, as we say, "his time to go".

The SCA chirurgeonate at Estrella worked above and beyond what we are
normally tasked to do. Many took this loss horribly hard, and all can well
understand why. It was, for every one of us wearing fleam and baldric, a
very very hard War. My personal thank-you to all working Chirurgeons at
Estrella this year was the gift of a necklace: stone chips or hematite
with arrow or drinking horn on it. Every chirurgeon needed to know that
s/he was appreciated and (by me at least) loved.

Be kind to Caid this year at Gulf Wars: Kill them all of course, but kill
them with kindness.

Still washing Estrella mud off her snow-boots...
Baroness TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview, O.L.
Mentor Chirurgeon, Ealdormere Kingdom Chirurgeon
Matriarch, Red Wolf Thunder
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