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Wed Dec 14 14:28:58 PST 2011

Well a bit behind on this but I would like to announce formally that my
replacement has been chosen.  I would like to let everyone know that HL
Elisabeth Caley will be stepping up to the office of Kingdom Chirurgeon as
of January Round Table.  Thank you to each and every one of the chirurgeons
out there who have worked so diligently for me over these past two years.
It has been a pleasure and and honor to serve as your KC and it will be my
continued pleasure to serve as just a plain old chirurgeon for now.
I would also like to add a special word of thanks to my admin deputies Lady
Moria and Lady Servita. They have both done a fine job in their rolls and
they have my appreciation.
Thanks also to all of you out there who did your part to help make my
chirurgeons very bored, and very happy to be that way.

Ainar Magnusson
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