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Fri Dec 16 20:51:42 PST 2011

> Thanks Diego!

I have some really BIG shoes to fill! ;-) 

I want to tell Master Ainar thanks again for giving me this opportunity to serve. 

I want to announce that Lord Alfred Huddledtone has accepted to be the Kingdom Chirurgeon interim ER Deputy.

 We are currently taking applications for ER Deputy, DKC - Administrative and DKC - Training. Both Moira's and Servita's service to the kingdom and the chirurgeonate goes without question! Thank you both!

I want to concentrate over the coming two years for the growth of the chirurgeonate. There will be a chirurgeon meet and greet and chirurgeon 101 class at the coming Round Table. We will also be having 2 Red Cross CPR classes at Gulf Wars and 1 ASHI CPR and 1 ASHI First Aid courses at Gulf Wars. 

Our numbers are down to 13 validated current chirurgeons in our kingdom. We need everyone on board to continue in Ansteorra.

I thank each and everyone one of you for your continued service. We are here to assist our fellow scadians. We are here to document and learn to make our game safer on and off the field. ;-)

Change hats here to War Chirurgeon: I need help at Gulf Wars! Please consider giving a few hours to the war effort and rack up volunteer hours for your group and kingdom. I give good largess!!! :-)

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.

Contact info:

Email: kingdom at chirurgeon.ansteorra.org
Cell/text: 361-244-2083
Facebook: Penny Engelking

In service,

HL Eleanora Elizabeth Caley (called Caley)

Incoming Kingdom Chirurgeon
GW XXI War Chirurgeon
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