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Thu Apr 1 05:16:45 PST 1999

Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
>    One person of Magister level would be chosen by the other members of
> the guild to be the Proctor. This person is responsible for keeping
> track of who are the members, and what level do they hold.

I would recommend that this become an honest to god secretarial
position. There is no need for a Magister level person to have to do
this trivial stuff. It may be that there is not a need currently, but
the idea of a guild is to ensure growth of the numbers within the guild
and not just to promote the existing members of the guild.

On the other hand, the Proctor would be responsible for organzing a large
ball at least once year, notifying people when they have moved up,
guiding them in the right direction when they don't know what to do,
promoting dance and the guild (not the individuals), etc.

Just ideas.

>    Many want a different name. A consensus that something in plain,
> modern English would be best.

Although it's good to have something that sounds medieval, it confuses a
lot of people.

Btw, for the long term I wouldn't limit the guild to just Court
Dancers. There is no reason there can not be a larger guild that has
people in charge of promoting the different styles of dance. (This is
probably not a very popular idea.)

> Everyone objects to wearing bells.

I agree! *smile*

>    I suggested additional requirements for the levels.

I like the additional requirements.

I have at least one more to add. That they are able to teach some
percentage of those dances without manuals. With a good dance manual,
someone who knows the terms and forms can teach 20 dances quite easily.

While some people may not like the multi-tier structure, it is very
period. Not to mention a good way of measuring progess within the Art.
People are not forced to be classified if they do not wish to be. (I
will not.)

As well, I don't know if the additional requirements for the Journeyman
to be "qualified to start dance in a group" will be good enough, but
that is because of my opinions of proper ways to start a guild. (I'm
planning on teaching a quick class on guilds at King's College.) This
is not to say that I disagree with the additional requirements, but the
assumption that this would help them be qualified is misplaced in my

>    Perronelle from Stargate thought the e-mail was getting out of hand,
> so she had Pug set up a mail-list for us.

Gosh. That seems to be how most of them get started. *grin*

Btw, thanks for the summary to date for those of us coming in late.

As well, take everything I saw with a grain of salt. While I am very
interested in dancing, I have no interest in teaching, reconstruction
or choreography.


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