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Thu Apr 1 10:36:38 PST 1999


I am from the Shire of Twae Linnes in Artemisia (Paul, Idaho). I have
been doing renaissance dance since 1987 when I took classes from the
college in my area. I am an elementary Music teacher and I enjoy teaching
dance to my students as well.

I am trying to get the shire interested in dance with very little luck.
Other gentles in neighboring shires and baronies do quite a bit of
dancing, so I do get to do some - when I am not playing the music for the
dance. Do you have this kind of problem in your area - lack of interest
in dance? If so, what do you do to increase interest?

I have been in the SCA for nearly 2 years, and I received my AOA last October as
a result of my efforts to teach dance in this shire. I have a 16 year old
daughter who is the joy of my life. She is sewing herself some new garb as I
write this. She likes to dance, too.

I am primarily interested in recreating the branles, pavanes, galliards, etc.
that are definitely period. English country dancing is fun, but not exactly
period. My long term goal is to recreate Spanish court dances, and Italian
balli. The latter is very difficult, I know. But, they are alot of fun, too.

Cecily Alys de Percy

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