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Thu Apr 1 22:25:36 PST 1999

To all:

First, let me say that this dance list is so great.  Spanish Renaissance 
dance?  Interesting.  By all means, send things along to Lord Guillaume so 
that we may look at it.  

Come on, people!  Only two more weeks till we discuss the Kingdom Dance Guild 
at Crown Tournament!

In reference about the persistence and dance zeal, let me tell you...
you just have to be sweet and cajoling about it.  People respond better to 
someone that makes them feel special about coming to dance.  I mean, doesn't 
dance make us feel special and playful?  Cajoling worked for me last week.  
Also, if the dancing looks fun and exciting when you have spectators around 
(or even sounds fun and exciting...) people will come.  

Well, unlike all you slackers that are off of work, I have school tomorrow, 
so I should go..... (even though I have lots more to say)

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