AD - Reconstructions and leading Balls added

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Fri Apr 2 13:21:22 PST 1999

>Hey Philip! (and others!)

>5.  Must have been in charge of dancing at three events. This 
>running a ball or a local dance practice. It means working with
>musicians, if they are present, and doing walkthroughs and calling 
>needed, and providing a list of dances that are to be done, or 
>the dancers to choose dances to be done
>5.  Must have been in charge of dancing at six events. (The rest is
>identical to 5 for Journeyaman.)
>6.  Must have reconstructed two dances from original sources or
>translations. An original choreography may be substituted for one of 
the reconstructions.

Ok, so I forgot these, but agree whole heartidly.

> I'm in favor of including all of it, so long as
>the member knows the background of the dance, and if it's period. If
>it's commonly done in the SCA, it's fair game, I say.
>   If the person is required to know the background of the dance, 
>he will no it's not period. For me, that is enough. I am satisfied if 
>don't try to pass off as period, stuff that isn't.
I think this wood work. And I like the emphisis on that we do not try 
and pass non-period off as period.  It promots learning.  And by our 
guild members knowing where they come from, the populous can learn 
from them.

I think we have agreed with these mostly
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