AD - Magisters a plenty?

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Fri Apr 2 13:30:05 PST 1999

>Btw, after further thinking, I'm not sure the levels are high-enough 
>Magister/Master. Unless we want a bunch of Magisters running around, 
>think it should be a little more challenging. Of course there are 
>in the Known World that realized this after the fact and created
>Grand Master positions.
Well, its been mentioned before, but the Magister level is not to high 
so that people have a goal set that they can reach if they try.  It 
was suggested that we raise the number of dances tought to 40.  I 
listed the number I knew without needing additional materials and came 
up with a little over 50.  I think that's alot.  And I do not expect 
that much of everyone else.  20 may sound like a small number, but 
when you need to know the history of them all and step names, etc.  I 
think that it becomes enough.  The only people who are going to become 
magisters are those truly interested in dance.  The level means 
nothing to those not in the guild (in theory) and so I don't think 
people will go after as a cookie or something.

I just don't want people to think that they will not be able to 
advance in the gu
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