AD - Performance requirements???

Russell russmax at
Fri Apr 2 21:14:11 PST 1999

Craig Shupee' wrote:
> Why performance?  It was period.  Everyone performed.  Confidence IS
> important, dance is a show.  I suggest we require two performances at
> kingdom calandar events.  Not nessisarily kingdom events.  This would
> be for the magister le[vel only.]

   That's what I would suggest, too.

   How do we define performance? I say the candidate should be the one
doing the research and documentation (if applicable) and leading the
other dancers. I think a performance should be more than a dance without
a walkthrough. It needs to be announced as a performance dance by [guild
member] and his troupe. The person needs to introduce the dance, giving
its background and history. In other words, it needs to be presented,
not just danced.

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