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Mon Apr 5 04:37:30 PDT 1999

Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
>    Isabeau & I are coming to Crown Tourney especially to discuss the
> dance guild. Well, that and the fact that Bryn Gwlad is such a great
> place to go. It's good to have an excuse to travel down.

I'm glad you enjoy our Barony so well.

> I agree with
> Isabeau that there had better be some dancing. There should be a really
> excellent collection of musicians and dancers at this event.

Well I know there is absolutely none planned for the event unless
someone outside of the event has done so.

As well, since Cedric the Fiddler's wedding is supposed to be the same
weekend, I believe some of the musicians will not be present.

> Hopefully most of the people who
> would be interested are on this list, or know someone who is.

Although one can hope that, you certainly can't count on it. Even in
Bryn Gwlad, where you are no more than 1 person away from someone
on-line, there are many things that don't get communicated to others. As
well, since someone who would be interested in this may have a friend
on-line, that doesn't mean that they are also interested in dance and on
this list.

I'm just anal about making sure that people not on-line get notice of
things after all these years.


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