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dewalden at (dewalden at said something that sounded like:
> My name is Yvette Royd - I'm the Dance Mistress of Bryn Gwlad.

I wondered when you would peep in. Welcome!

> Unfortunately, I have not been able 
> to attend any of the local business meetings recently because of other 
> mundane activities, so I really have very little clue as to the schedule of the 
> event. 

I have a real good idea since I was at the last planning meeting. They
will be covering everything at the Populace meeting next Monday as well.

> Is court planned to be hideously long?

Planned? There is little to no Baronial business planned for court. That
doesn't mean we have a clue what the Crown has planned.

> Should we plan on something during the day?

The schedule of activities (from my faulty memory) is:

8 am wakeup call
9 am armor inspection
10 am processional
Tourney all day (expected to end by 5ish)
6 pm feast (or was it 7 pm?)
Court following feast

There are children's activities from 10 am til noon and 2 pm til 4 pm. I
forget when A&S was. There is also a Pelican Circle, possible short
Belted Circle and GOofS meeting, a Treasurer's meeting in the Kingdom
Treasurer's camp, and probably more.


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