AD - Re: Dancing at Crown?

Russell Kinder russmax at
Mon Apr 5 09:42:29 PDT 1999


   I'll kick the soap-box away for this post, I promise.

   I know it could be really late, but why don't we plan on having dance
at night after all the other stuff is done, and having classes during
the day, while the list is going on. We could suspend the classes for
the semi-final and final round. I know I would want to watch those
rounds, even if I missed the rest.

   The reason I still like to have dance at the end, after all the rest
is done, is that we can dance as long as we want.

   I don't know the layout of the site. Is there a hall we would/could
dance in? Is there a nice, grassy area outside, near the list, where we
could dance?

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