AD - Dancing at ATYC

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Mon Apr 5 14:01:20 PDT 1999

Hello All,

Dancing at 20th year? What?  Did I vollumteer? Damn, opened my big 
mouth again.  :)

So yes, we ahve been looking into starting a new Ansteorran tradition, 
one for the dancers.  I have talked with HRM Sara and she sounds 
willing to participate, though I do not expect to see her danceing 
among us.  Its a possability for Saturday night.  They will eb pushing 
closing court so that feast can start on time, this should give us 
time to get together after they clear some things out of the way.  I 
will eb in more contact with Galen about this.  I think a Gold Rose 
Ball would be a great idea.  I am not sure if I want to tack Crown 
tourney onto it as well, lets get coronation balls a regular and 
expected action first.

BTW, Coronations Aniversry Ball will be fun.  And it is Air 
conditioned so look forward to it.  

Your servant to command,
  Philip White

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