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Mon Apr 5 15:39:17 PDT 1999

Craig Shupee' (philipwhite at said something that sounded like:
> The recognition does do something for dance in the kingdom.  It can be 
> used for motivation.

I thought this was not it's purpose in a previous email. I was under the
impression that we didn't want people to use this as a benchmark of any
sort. (ie. cookie)

> I do not understand how you can say that a 
> system that encourages people to learn and to teach does not help the 
> feild for which the guild is formed.  

Maybe we are assuming too much in the guild charter. It is all too easy
to follow the letter of the charter instead of the spirit. I would
prefer a charter that is written to accurately reflect the spirit as

Clearly state that balls/practices have to be at Kingdom calendar
events. This means that they are spreading their knowledge to a
wider group of people and not just the few people who show up at the
local dance guild.

Clearly state that the manual has to include regional variations.

Clearly state that local journeymen/masters communicate up the line
their local variations.

Clearly state what is wanted and never assume.


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