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Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Tue Apr 6 10:49:27 PDT 1999

>Up to now everyone’s been brainstorming on the idea of a kingdom 
>guild -- which is a good thing.  However, I have been around both 
>discussions and the SCA long enough to realize that unless we have a
>“chair” to keep things organized and on track, the discussion will 
>in brainstorm mode and nothing concrete will get done.  I'm willing 
>able to handle this task.  Unless there are any major objections to 
>handling this, I'll go ahead and start.
I am sorry, but I am going to disagree on the chair idea.  I feal that 
we have been kept on track and have been addressing what was 
nessessary.  I think that a chair at this point is added 
administration and unnessisary.  We are a group of adults that is 
willing to discuss what we need to accomplish.  This guidence is not 
nessisary at this point.

>We need to keep in mind that the members of this list are a *VERY 
>percentage of the dancers in this kingdom.  Do you all think we (or 
>should send a note to the regional A&S ministers, local A&S 
>Blackstar, or anywhere else?  We need to strike a balance between 
>input to create something acceptable to the kingdom's dancers and not
>too much input that the decision process gets bogged down.
My idea when I brought this idea up to Guillaume was that we would 
keep the number participating in the disscussion small.  We are 
looking at foming a guild that will start the affect how dance is run 
in the kingdom in a major way.  Thus I contacted the dance guild heads 
in the kingdom, those people who already have experience and are in 
charge of dance or have been in charge.  So I feal that the parcentage 
of dance teachers on this list is vey high.  And what will work.

>I’ll start a new thread with a discussion topic (some decisions
>logically come before others, some are interelated)
etc, etc, etc.

This formt might be a good idea, btu hey, we are dance teachers and we 
don't want to be told to do.  And if you can keep a list to focus on 
one thread at a time good luck.  Part of this list is so that we can 
all communicate and get things finished quikly and efficiently.  So we 
do not have to bog down a meeting.  And so far that has worked.  I 
think we are the dissision makers of dance for the kingdom.  Think 
about it, you teach what you want to teach, noy what your A&S officer 
wants you to teach.  We should keep the formum as it is at present.  
We have gone along way to improve what we want from a kingdom guild.  
I would hate to see us lose sight of the guild because we are trying 
to have the whole kingdom agree on each topic. 

I am proud of what we have done so far and am glad to say that I am an 
Ansteorran dancer.

Your servant to command,
 Philip White

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