AD - Spreading the Guild

Robyn Bainter myfanwy at Ansteorra.ORG
Tue Apr 6 12:27:37 PDT 1999

Philip wrote:
>There have been some thoughts about publizing the guild to the
>kingdom.   I do not think that we are ready for that.  Let us form the
>guild and get it signed in at 20th year and them let the kingdom know
>we are there for service etc.

I disagree. I think that as much input as you can get from people who may
be interested can be very beneficial.  Even if it is somebody who has just
started dancing, they may read the charter and be very confused by it.  We
want the charter to be self explanatory.  If somebody is confused by it, we
want to clarify it because these people are the future.

In service,
Myfanwy ferch Eifion

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