AD - Spreading the Guild

Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Apr 6 11:55:05 PDT 1999


   I have to agree with Myfanwy, somewhat. Before we institute the guild
at ATYC, we will want to get the charter out for the public perusal.

   However, we're not ready to publish anything yet, because we don't
even have the first draft of the charter approved. We will want to have
our first meeting at Crown Tourney before we're ready to show others
what we've got. Then we could send it to the Kingdom A&S minister, and
all the regional and local A&S ministers. Those people could communicate
with the dancers in their groups. Then, they could respond back to us.
We would want all replies before King's College, perhaps. If anyone has
really big objections (of the fixable kind), there would be plenty of
time to contact them, and discuss their concerns. 

   I think if we did that, no one would feel like we were ramming it
down their throats, with no chance to have input.

   All of this is just my opinion. YMMV.

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