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Tue Apr 6 12:18:49 PDT 1999

Philip said:
>There have been some thoughts about publizing the guild to the
>kingdom.   I do not think that we are ready for that.  Let us form the
>guild and get it signed in at 20th year and them let the kingdom know
>we are there for service etc.
>How do people feal about this?

No, no! At the *best* the guild would be viewed as elitest snobs & therefore no
one would want to dance with us. If we're purporting to being a *KINGDOM*-wide
guild, we need input & ideas from dance masters, interested dancers and
interested wanna-be dancers from all over the kingdom. And that means contacting
people not on-line.

     And my idea for contacting people not on-line: Let volunteers step forward
who are here from each region (North, Central, South, Coastal & West) or are
willing to contact the local groups in each region.  If possible, both call &
mail a blurb about the prospective guild, who to contact & how, & where & when
face-to-face meetings about the guild will be held. Send three or more hard
copies to the Seneschal so that he can distribute them to Chronicler, A&S, or
local dancemaster. Workable? Maybe.

the first of the annoyingly vocal Mooneschadeen dancers

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