AD - Spreading the Guild

Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Apr 6 12:34:07 PDT 1999

Estrill wrote:
>      And my idea for contacting people not on-line: Let volunteers step forward
> who are here from each region (North, Central, South, Coastal & West) or are
> willing to contact the local groups in each region.  If possible, both call &
> mail a blurb about the prospective guild, who to contact & how, & where & when
> face-to-face meetings about the guild will be held. Send three or more hard
> copies to the Seneschal so that he can distribute them to Chronicler, A&S, or
> local dancemaster. Workable? Maybe.

   That sounds like a plan. It's easy. Seneschal's addresses and phone
numbers are in the Blackstar. I really don't think most people will have
much objection to the charter, and they will feel better about us if
they've been informed and consulted before we set it in stone. I don't
think we'll be overwhelmed at our planning meetings, either. The whole
point of this exercise is that not nearly enough people in Ansteorra are
interested in dance.
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