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Charlene Charette charlene at
Wed Apr 7 00:06:15 PDT 1999

WeeRosebud at wrote:

> Obviously, yes, we should start making announcements.  I know our dance guild
> has been discussing it, but then, most of the main dancers of Moonschadowe
> have subscribed to this list.

I was trying to get a feel for how much input people thought was appropriate.
>From the responses so far (in just one day), it appears that many do feel input
from the populace is important.  Anyone remember when the higher ups tried to
force principalities on eveyone?  Ansteorrans don't like to be told what to do
... they want to be in on the decision making.

> As it is, I definitely agree that the word needs to be spread quickly
> throughout the kingdom.  As I stated before, we should also state our
> intentions of discussing it at Crown Tournament.

Why is there such a desire for speed?  While I agree that we don't want to drag
our feet and take a year to do this, time should be taken to do it right.  It's
no good if it needs redoing in 6 months.


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