AD - Where is everone?

Charlene Charette charlene at
Wed Apr 7 00:57:02 PDT 1999

dssweet at wrote:

>      And my idea for contacting people not on-line: Let volunteers step forward
> who are here from each region (North, Central, South, Coastal & West) or are
> willing to contact the local groups in each region.

Out of curiosity, could everyone post a "hi there" with where they're from?  I don't
expect us to have anyone from the extreme south or west, but it would be interesting
to see where our distribution lies.  Heck, there is as much difference between some
of our baronies are there is between some kingdoms.  And for anyone not versed in
interkingdom anthropology dance on the known world level runs from those kingdoms
who never dance; to those who dance, but if they do a period dance it's strictly an
accident; to those that won't allow any Playford because it's OOP.


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