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Evelyn Alden katriana at
Wed Apr 7 07:32:51 PDT 1999

Ok, I can take a hint

Hi there,

I'm Katriana, from Bois d'Arc in Calontir. I mainly make it to events in
Northeast Ansteorra. My main interest for the last 15 years or so has been
playing dance music.

When I make it to events, it is usually in the company of my mother and
daughter.  Mom runs the bookstore, Tomes & Tunes, which carries London Pro
Music.  Started carrying it just because I wanted the music :)

I play in the barn at Pennsic every night.

A long time ago (a few reigns after Calontir became a kingdom), I tried
starting a Calontir dance guild.  I'm not much on organization, so I
probably wasn't the best person to do this in the first place, but the
attempt quickly failed because people focused on the details in the
proposition, not the goals.  OK, the sentence that seemed to doom the whole
thing was about the guild should encourage live dance music.  Years & years
ago, this was a controversial idea :), and the people who knew me knew that
it was my main thing.

Having lived on the edge of a 2 spread out kingdoms (counting the
midrealm), I think guilds are much more workable these days, thanks to
better communications.  My main concern is always not making people feel
excluded.  Those of you in large baronies, will have to use your
imagination, but I've spent most of my SCA life living in the "boonies",
and when I hear that a "kingdom" thing is starting up in a part of the
kingdom many miles away, I always wonder just how I am supposed to
participate in any aspect of  this "kingdom" thing. And I know there is a
good chance that it will become a "barony" or "household" type thing,
leaving me out.  Having a mailing list open to anyone is a huge step to
keeping everyone involved.
there, that's mine, anyone else?
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