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Wed Apr 7 13:05:30 PDT 1999

Myfanwy & Pug represent two very important categories of people that the
guild is trying to help. 

   Pug wants to dance more, but not teach. I hope that the membership
"levels" will encourage more people in different groups to become dance
teachers. If every group has an active dance guild, there will be
dancing at most every event. "Joe Blow Dancer," as Pug refers to
himself, may not be interested in teaching dance, or doing
reconstructions, but he certainly would benefit from others who are.

   Myfanwy is a woman after my own heart. Two years ago, in mid 1997, I
started a dance troupe as an auxiliary to our own dance guild. The role
of the troupe is even defined in our Shire's dance guild charter. The
impetus kind of came from the earlier success Estrill and some of our
dancers had with the dance Les Bouffons (a sword dance from Arbeau). We
worked up some harder Playford dances and performed them at Kingdom A&S
in Nov. 1997. Then, Estril and 3 others performed Les Bouffons at Gulf
Wars 7. (I wasn't one of the ones doing Les Bouffons then, but I plan to
be in on it next time.) After GW 7, we did the Muskogee Ren Faire, which
kind of burned us out. A few of us began working on 15th cent. Italian,
based on what we learned in classes at GW 7. We performed Rostiboli at
Lindenwood Ball last year, and helped Lady Capricia's group from Namron
perform a dance as well. In January, I began working on the late 16th
cent. Italian stuff from Caroso & Negri. It's somewhat challenging, and
very flashy to perform. Our most recent project is La Volta.

   Through the Kingdom guild, Myfanwy can become aware of people like
me, Philip, Perronnelle, Estril, Ihon, et al, who are more than happy to
help out any way we can. We also become aware of her. I didn't know,
until she posted her introduction, that she had formed a performance
troupe in Bryn Gwlad. Now that we are aware of her, we can give her
assistance, encouragement, recognition, and accolades for her efforts.
The charter of the guild as it currently stands, encourages her efforts,
and provides official recognition for it.

Guillaume de Troyes
Mooneschadowe dancer
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